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New club name

At the club AGM in December 2021, a new club name of ‘Wellington Runners & Walkers’ was unanimously supported, to better reflect the current goals of the club. This is the ‘trading name’, as the original name of ‘Wellington Marathon Clinic Incorporated’ remains the name of the club as a registered New Zealand charity.

At present the logo remains the same and acknowledges the history of the club. Current goals of the club are described in the Home page and other parts of the website. The club is keen to attract and support new members. We hope the new name will better reflect the club as it is presently, and what new and existing members are wanting. While some members continue to take part in half and full marathons, there are others interested in recreational running alone, or a variety of other events such as 10km and cross-country events. The walking section of the club is also active, with many members previously runners.