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June 2022 Newsletter

OK, so winter is here, with a mix of southerly blasts and warmer days. It’s been good
meeting in the ASB room routinely again for Sunday runs & walks. Despite winter, seem not
many beanies in use yet– is that hardy members or global warming?
After a couple of hours traversing the hills, the walkers have been usually meeting in th
warm atmosphere of the Park Kitchen in Miramar around 10.30 for a coffee and chat.

Next Bus Trip

Sunday 10 th June

A bus trip is now booked for Sunday 10 th June to Queen Elizabeth Park. An email was sent out to members earlier this week. The bus will drop us of at MacKay’s Crossing and pick us up from Paekakariki Village main street café(s).

You can book a place from the ‘Bus Trip’ page, where you’ll find times and the usual pick-up locations (ASB, train station or Ngauranga Gorge). There should be groups to suit your desired distance & pace, so hope there will be a good day and turnout. Arrive at ASB Centre at approximately 1-30pm- 2-30pm.
We’ve been in touch with the bus company, after the bus breakdown that led to our last bus trip being cancelled and associated issues, for this trip to go smoothly.

Movie Night

Saturday 6 th August
We are now back in full swing again for the Movie Night at the Time Cinema. The date is August 6, at 4:30pm. That’s at 191 Sutherland St, Lyall Bay. Gordy has the movie programme already organized, which he has unexpectedly described as ‘quirky’. The full details and sign-up can be found on our Events page.

Cost is the $25/person, paid into the club account (as on the website page). Those who paid for the Covid-deferred movie night last year, Gordy has names and you’ll not need to pay again.
Should be a fun & social evening.

Gazley Wellington Marathon

Running events are now restarting, after about two years without due to Covid-19. Several members took part in the Wellington Marathon on 19 th June. Notable was Bice Awan, who came second in her age-group for the 10km event – well done Bice! Also, to acknowledge Bill Frecklington for having again marshalled for the marathon, by the turn-around near Scorching Bay. I remember his encouragement marshalling at the same location some years ago on my first marathon.

Other Upcoming Events

Some members have already been taking part in Xterra trail running events. The WUU2K is 16 th July. If taking part in events, do think of sending us a photo and paragraph or two for the following newsletter.
The calendar for the year is taking shape, with the working calendar and event dates included
in our website

Photos for Newsletter & Poster please!

There will be some terrific photos from your travels by foot around Wellington or further afield. Would you be able to send some of your best for the newsletter? Also, the committee is hoping to put together a poster or flyer, to let potential new members know of the WRW with its new name & website. Do you have a photo(s) which captures something of the very special nature of our running & walking around Wellington?

Running in San Paulo

by Mikey Clarke
It turns out that going running in Brazil is bloody difficult, for these reasons:
First up, it’s apocalyptically hot! Sao Paulo is normally 30-35C; Rio de Janeiro gets up to 45C at the height of summer. It’s unbelievable. Go for a run in the afternoon and you’ll melt. I made that mistake a few times and just about had heatstroke, even for quite short runs. Locals kept bursting into flames.
You’ve got no idea where any toilet stops or bathrooms or drinks are. If you melt, you’ll lose that water forever and never ever replenish and become a creature of dust and sand.
The language barrier isn’t absolute, but it’s tremendous. I found myself on hey-how’s-it-going terms with a fair few locals, but even after the best part of two years of learning a bit of Portuguese a day, I can still only just get through a written sentence … but chatting with a local stranger? Fat chance. Get into trouble whilst out running and you’re right out of luck.

Depending on where you’re located, the physical running surface might be broken and treacherous and difficult to traverse. I found myself jogging through bits of Sao Paulo that seemed to be built out of thousands and thousands of motorbike repair shops. You could barely fit on the pavement. I received all kinds of hilarious looks from the tens of thousands of bike mechanics. I got the impression they considered exercising for recreation horriblybourgeois and decadent and a sure sign of the End Times.

That said, a ton of locals adore getting outside into the sun. I was in Rio de Janeiro, and by complete coincidence, my morning run there caught the tail end of a marathon along its waterfront. Turns out the waterfront itself has phenomenal views! It’s about half a mile wide, between the nearest skyscrapers and the ocean itself, and between these is beach and walkways and four lanes of traffic each way and vast parks and dozens of statues. The statues themselves are for the most part rather graffiti’d, but never mind. The remainder is in genuinely amazing condition and a pleasure to run through. I’ve enclosed several photos.
Oodles of pedestrians, outdoor gyms, beach volleyball, plenty of company. I loved it.