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Marketing and Membership Coordinator

Marketing & Membership Coordinator (part-time) Job Description

Wellington Runners and Walkers (WRW) is a club which is seeking to grow its membership, of any
age but particularly adults who are wanting to get fit, meet new people, and have fun.
The club meets on Sundays at the Ākau Tangi Sports Centre in Kilbirnie at 8.00 and after a short
introduction by the pack leaders go out on walks or runs for approximately 1-2 hours. The club also
runs bus trips 4-5 times each year for runs/walks at locations around the Wellington region. Club
members frequently participate in local and national middle and longer distance road or trail
running events, often attending as a group, and support members training for these.
The club was established in 1979, focused on training runners, in part for the health benefits of
running. It is a registered charity (with Charities Services) as the Wellington Marathon Clinic and
changed its trading name to WRW in 2021 to better reflect current goals. Currently, club members
are adults, as we are not yet able to accommodate children. The club has undertaken some
initiatives towards sustaining and growing its membership and looks to this position as a principal
way to progress this.
Further information can be found at our website

Type of employment & hours of work
The position is contracted part-time, through 2024. The job size is estimated to be 2-6 hours per
week, subject to negotiation, to achieve the purpose of the role. The position would be for 6 months
in the first instance, with the potential to be extended to 12 months.

Job purpose
The purpose of the job is to grow the membership of the club by attracting new members, and by
supporting services to retain existing members. In general, targets include:
i) Retaining the existing members who remain in Wellington, to participate in the club in
some way(s), whenever reasonable.
ii) New members, at least 10-20 during the first 6-12 months of 2024.

Main tasks & responsibilities

  1. To work with the WRW committee, toward the role purpose, including with the listed tasks.
  2. Advise and assist the WRW committee in further developing an effective marketing plan for
    sustaining growth of membership of the club.
  3. Establish and maintain social media advertising. This is anticipated to include setting up and
    maintaining a Meta business account and associated webpages or Facebook account, and other
    social media platforms according to the media strategy. Other media platforms may include, twitter, Strava.
  4. Advise and assist in establishing and maintaining other forms of marketing, such as use of fliers
    or other advertising.
  5. Coordinate and prepare a regular club electronic newsletter to members each 1-2 months, with
    the assistance of the committee and club members. This may include members photos and
    accounts from their running and walking activities.
  6. Advise and assist with improvements to the club’s website. Work with current club member(s)
    who currently maintain the website and provide IT expertise.
  7. Assist the committee in any other means as required towards growing and sustaining the club

Reporting lines
The position will report to the nominated club president or his/her delegate. Any expenditure
associated with the role will also be appropriately costed and confirmed in advance with the club
treasurer (usually by email). Note that in general, expenditures & strategic decisions will be made by
the treasurer or president(s) in conjunction with the WRW committee.

A tertiary training or qualification in marketing (or equivalent) would be needed, along with skills in
setting up and running electronic social marketing.
The applicant can’t them-self be a member of the WRW club (charity).

Ideal personal skills, knowledge, and attributes
The candidate will have the capacity and enthusiasm to undertake the main tasks and
responsibilities effectively and if possible, to grow the club membership. The candidate will have
marketing training or qualifications, and preferably relevant experience of this with similar small
organisations. Adequate software skills for setting up and maintaining the required social media
platforms and advertising will be needed. Ideally the candidate will have an interest and ability to
relate well to the running and walking club membership, and aspirations of the club. The candidate
will be capable of working collaboratively with the WRW committee. The candidate will be fair in
undertaking and able to reasonably account for off-site work.

The role will not have any delegated financial or personnel authority. Any related expenditure will be
authorised by the club’s president or treasurer.

Place of work
Work will principally be from home (or other self-selected location).

Expressions of Interest

Prospective candidates may email to the “WRW Secretary” for more information.
Or to provide a brief description of their interest in their role and a CV.

Applications are accepted up to 25 February 2024.