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2021 Awards Winners

Jean Kersel Cup (Most Improved Woman Marathon Runner of the Year)Annie McCabe
Neils Hemmingsen Cup (Most Improved Male Marathon Runner of the Year)Mikey Clarke
Betty Meyers Cup (Fastest First Half Marathon – Female)Roberta D’Archino 2:31:49
WMC Cup (Wellington Marathon Clinic Fastest First Half Marathon – Male)Louis Barnett 2:19:58
Helen Peterwood Roberts Cup (Awarded to the Woman with the Most Improved Half Marathon)Roberta D’Archino
WMC Cup (Wellington Marathon Clinic Most Improved Half Marathon – Male)Mikey Clarke
Harry McDonald Memorial Cup (Service Award)Maryanne and John Palmer
Walkers Cup (For Good Efforts in Distance Events)Judith Llewellyn
WMC Half Marathon Shield Women (WMC Half Marathon – First Female Clinic Member)Susan Clare 1:43:26
Neils Hemmingsen WMC Half Marathon Shield Men (First Male Clinic Member – Half Marathon)Mikey Clarke 1:33:27
WMC Full Marathon Shield Women (WMC First Female Clinic Member – Full Marathon)Susan Clare 3:44:31
Andrew McNeill Memorial Shield Men (WMC First Male Clinic Member – Full Marathon)Mikey Clarke 3:29:56
WMC Off-Road Cup (Notable offroad performance)Bill Frecklington (20 Goats)
Gordon Clarke Milestone BowlGordon Clarke (25 Rotorua Marathons: 1982-2021)