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  • Bus Trip: 2 Jun 2024 Pauatanui Inlet Loop

    (King’s Birthday weekend) Please note: while the longer running group will be doing the Pauatahanui Inlet loop, the rest of the groups will be doing the Whitby Walkways. Runners – Pauatahanui […]

  • Rotorua Marathon 2024: Mikey Clarke’s experience

    I love sharing these things. Oh sure, any runner will tell you that the final third of any marathon is like being in an extra-long MMA kickboxing cage fight against […]

  • Rotorua Marathon 2024: Gordy’s times and results

    By Gordon Clarke Hi Guys, here are the results for WRW members up at Rotorua that I was aware of on the day. There could have been others up there […]