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January 2022 Newsletter

Hi, everyone! Welcome back. The Wellington Runners and Walkers club returns for another year!

A new year has commenced. Wellington’s beautiful bush tracks and blah pavements won’t pound themselves, y’know. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duty. Shoelaces must be tied. Feet must trot. Hearts must throb. Sweat must pour. Breath must whoosh. Nostrils must flare. Abs must quiver. Streets must be jogged. Stopwatches must be bleeped. Buttocks must be fondled. Racetrack surfaces must be pulverised. Racing records must be obliterated. Finish line ribbons must be snapped. Relatives must be smarmed at. Muscles must be stretched. Backs must be slapped. Showers must be savoured. Yum-yums must be gobbled. Coffee must be guzzled. Snoozles must be snozzed. Convalescences must be convalesced. And tomorrow’s run must be commenced. Let’s get cracking.

Before anything else, I would like to thank every one of you for voting in Nigel and myself as joint Presidents for the coming year. We’ve got a few Plans for future club prosperity. More on that later.

Second, regular ol’ monthly club activity. A fair bit to get through. First, a teensy bit of an apology: the first officially-offical club meeting back was actually last week! With one thing or another, the club’s committee chatted about our annual return, but none of us had hopped onto Facebook or elsewhere and broadcast it! That is now done, as of earlier this week. We’re fully on for the 23rd.

Pack leader contact details: over the summer break, while the club has officially been taking time off, the different packs’ constituents have instead been bounding about Wellington. We’ve been doing our own pack-specific things, and meeting at different places. The variety is a ton of fun, but coordination is not unlike the herding of cats. I’d wanted to chat with the various pack leaders re locations and activities and onboarding newbies and all remain on the same page, I’d asked around for contact details for each … and so far merely received a few incomplete personal smatterings.

Sooo at the next ASB meeting on the 23rd, I’ll be approaching each leader for email addresses, phone numbers, all that good stuff. This makes things easier for …

… The welcoming and the onboarding of future newbies. I have received a good few happy chirpy enquiries from potential new members about joining, both walkers and runners. Most of these people have seldom exercised before, and would genuinely love to – but have no idea where they should even start. We have plans to make our new website extra-beginner-friendly, but just for now, for starters, let’s ensure our beginner walking and running packs are extra-accessible.

Next, (just for now): our first big club outing, away from our regular ASB Centre meetups, is on the 6th of February: our regular annual Otari-Wilton Bush event.
Usual story, we’re meeting here:,+Otari-Wilton’s+Bush+Reserve/@-41.2663735,174.7550212,551m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x6d38b1c1254fc6cb:0xe99ac267bea25b41!8m2!3d-41.2664024!4d174.7557355 8am, 6th February. See you there.

Finally, I would like to put out a clarion call for event volunteers. Running the Otari-Wilton bush meetups take serious elbow grease. They’re a ton of fun and it’s our pleasure to make them happen, but they sure don’t happen by magic.

Mikey Clarke, joint President