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Update on the Membership and Marketing Coordinator role

A bit of a longer message so you may want to grab a cuppa tea, coffee or for those reading this later in the evening a wine, beer or other drink of your choice!

After a successful interview process with Nigel, Mikey and I, the part-time fixed term role of Membership and Marketing coordinator was offered to Emily Claire Daly. Emily has accepted the role and very excited to be working on this commission. You would have heard from Nigel last month about the skills and qualities that Emily will bring to the role. This is a fantastic opportunity to grow our club.

For those at the running club a few weeks ago would have heard me talk to the wider members about finalising the contract terms with Emily and extending the invitation to come along to meet club members and attend the next committee meeting. The contract terms and conditions have been agreed which I will send to the committee on a separate email to confirm the key aspects of the contract and get other signatures on the contract. Emily will be invoicing her time every 2 weeks and has been provided the email address to send the invoice.

I’ve had a few conversations with Emily with the more recent chat earlier this evening. Emily has been doing some initial research on the club and other clubs in the area (due diligence) and analysing club needs and will update the committee at the 28th April meeting at 11:30am. This is our opportunity to provide confirmation of our needs and provide direction to Emily and consider any thoughts and insights Emily has discovered to date. Emily has a number of questions and needs of the committee which I’ve added to the end of this email.

Not only will Emily attend the committee meeting but she will also join us at 8am for a brief introduction to the wider members and join one of the groups for a run / walk to get a real feel for the club and perhaps coffee with one of the runners or walking groups after before attending the committee meeting. I know that she will receive a warm welcome from the members of the club… no doubt we will all have lots of questions, insights and stories to share.

Nigel Raymond, could you please at the Sunday stand-up this week let the club members know that Emily is joining us next week and perhaps we may look to extend the 8am update for Emily to meet the members and engage in some brief chats before we all head out for a run / walk. It may well be worth sharing this information via email for those that might not be here this week so they are given an early heads-up!

Extract of the email from Emily (additions added in bold by me)

  1. The scope for this marketing plan will be short-term (6 months from now until October while I’m on contract – flexible on this), with additional strategic advice provided for a timeframe up until June 2025 (may look to extend this timeframe). After that, the club will seek advice for an annual refresh.
  2. I’m very excited to attend on 28th April from 8 am – the end of the committee meeting (which will be billable time). At the meeting, I’ll present my plan so far, and hear from the committee members.
  3. I’ll need full log-in access to the following channels: Facebook, Strava, Website, Email and any other platforms you use to communicate with members.
  4. The current member number is 80.
  5. The budget is TBC. Committee needs to decide other related costs for this commission e.g. marketing, printing etc.
  6. Ideas mentioned – induction pack and increased social media presence. Other ideas discussed at the interview which we can go into more detail at the committee meeting.
  7. You will email the committee and encourage them to send through any thoughts/ideas/important information to my email address (with WRW in the subject line). This includes any updates to the 2020 Strategic Plan on the website. Committee take this as a prompt with all thoughts/ideas etc sent to Emily with “WRW” in the subject line please or alternatively bring any thoughts and ideas along to the committee meeting on 28th April
    See you all Sunday. Feel free to email any questions or clarifications you may have!


Paul Johnson